Dis and Dat: Sports Edition

– Chris Bosh came back to Toronto this week.   It was a fun game to watch (although I only got to watch half of it) but when I heard that his face was shown during the US anthem and people booed his face, I was really disappointed.   People need to have more respect and the game ops people need to think about the implications of what they show during the anthems.

– Blue Jays opened up Spring Training and everyone is talking about how optimistic they all are.   I love spring training although it is still cold here and there is still snow on the ground.

– I went to Wild Wings last night (a “Sports” bar, that makes it related) and they raised some of their prices again.   I love their wings but this is getting to be too much.

– NBA allstar weekend is this weekend.   I am only interested in the dunk competition and maybe the 3-point competition although I am going out saturday night and will miss both.   I am recording them so hopefully I can catch up later.

–  My softball team has gotten rid of the stupid “executive” idea.   They have finally come to the conclusion I already knew: That you can’t get everyone to agree and they were just adding politics to our team.

– Jose Bautista the leader in home runs last year, has signed a long term contract with the Jays.   I think he is very overpaid because he will never have a season like last year.   But I do like what he brings defensively and as a leader to this team.


One Response to “Dis and Dat: Sports Edition”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Food prices are going up everywhere. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed it at other places too.

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