Broke the rules

I broke one of my new year’s resolutions last week and in the process, I also led myself to lose the “$75 Challenge” for last week.   When I went to the Raptor game with my Dad on wednesday, we tried a couple of restaurants downtown and found both of them had wait times for tables.   We then settled on McDonald’s.   Actually my Dad settled and i didn’t say NO.   I should have but I didn’t.   I broke my fast food resolution and when I went out the next night, I spent the last of my money for the week and went over by $11.   I need to get better on the $75 over the next month.   I knew I was going out a lot last week, I should have planned better and said “NO” to some things.


3 Responses to “Broke the rules”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    So I guess I don’t understand the $75 challenge, Bob; can you explain? Bummer about you losing it though.

    • Bob Says:

      It is a practice in saving money and trying to cut back in our spending. We start the week with $75 in our pocket and we are not allowed to spend more than that. Gas is not included but groceries, entertainment and whatever else is all included.

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Fast food is so hard! It’s not as cheap as it seems. Still $11 isn’t terrible, and for your 1st month doing it, I’d say that’s pretty good. 🙂 Roughly 15%? Not bad.

    Hey, things still on for the end of the month living situation?

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