NCIS is one of the highest rated shows on TV.   My Dad got me into it back in the first season and I have been watching it ever since.   A year and a half ago a spinoff was created called NCIS: LA.   God… the show had Chris O’Donnell and Ice Cube as the two main actors.    The only reason I watched it at first was because the amazing Linda Hunt was also on the show.    But something changed mid-way through that first season of NCIS: LA, they got one of their main cast members kidnapped and he wasn’t seen again until much later when the character was killed.   I read an interview about how the creator said that he prefered a show where the cast can change and stuff is more unpredicable.   This intrigued me.   

I find myself now, enjoying the spinoff more than the original.   Last week I was trying to figure out why this was so that I could explain it to my father.   I finally think I have figured it out and cut it down to three reasons:

1) The above unpredicability.   The original NCIS show has only had two casting changes and although every season finale they pretend something big is going to happen in a cliffhanger, pretty much everyone ends up fine by the end of the next season’s season premiere.  

2) The stakes seem to be higher on the LA show.   They deal more with terrorism and less with simple murders.   Raising the stakes also allows for more danger to the characters and more possibility for death!

3) The witty comments between partners on the show and the on-screen chemistry reminds me of the 80s buddy cop movies.     Not as good, of course but it does a better job of somewhat capturing that kind of magic. 

Have you ever watched either show?   What do you think of them?


3 Responses to “NCIS”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    So the new show appeals to you, huh? We tried watching it, and it wasn’t our cup of tea. Maybe they’ve stepped up their game. I think the actor is LL Cool J, not Ice Cube though.

    I used to enjoy NCIS for a while, but I’m over all TV now. How weird, eh? 🙂

  2. Bob Says:

    You are right, it is LL Cool J. My bad. They have definitely stepped up their game.

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I used to be a faithful NCIS watcher until we shut the cable off. Loved the show.

    I tried watching the spin-off, but I couldn’t get into it, for all I love Linda Hunt. It felt really forced somehow. Perhaps it was just the actors feeling out their new roles or something.

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