Charlie Sheen fired… now what?

This was a topic of conversation at lunch yesterday.   Warner Brothers wants to continue the show next season because they have a syndication deal where they promised a certain number of seasons/episodes.   So what happens on Two and a Half Men?   Do they continue the show without Charlie?   Do they have a new character take centre stage?    If they were to do the latter, who should be cast in such a role?    We talked about some possibilities:

1) Emilio Estevez – He is Charlie’s brother.    This was not my suggestion, I thought it was a stupid idea because he probably is too busy and probably wouldn’t want to do that to his brother.

2) Rob Lowe – Good actor, he could play the same type of character as Charlie Harper.   Once again, not my suggestion because I think the guy is already too busy with other shows.

3) John Stamos – I have no idea why somebody suggested this.   I think they were suggesting TV actors they thought of when they thought “womanizer”.  

4) Judd Nelson – This one is my suggestion.   He was on the show earlier this year as Alan’s girl-friend’s ex-husband.   The guy could use a career boost and I think this could be it.  Sure it would be for only one season but they could work his character back into the story and his character would have the same sort of chemistry with Alan that Charlie did.  

Do you have any good suggestions?


3 Responses to “Charlie Sheen fired… now what?”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    I think Estevez has a certain ironic, comedic element about him. Bring him on! Then shut it down. 😉

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Good suggestions? LOL No. But I do have A suggestion – Sara Gilbert. Since the boy is basically an adult now, he and Jon Cryer could be the 2, and Ms Gilbert could be the half.

    I think him (Cryer’s character) trying to hit on her, with her being a lesbian, would be comedy gold!

    Well, I did say it wasn’t a good one. 😉

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Guess what I saw on the news today? LOL Had to pass it along.

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