Going to Chicago

Bobette’s boss and one of her clients have teamed up to offer us a trip to Chicago.   Her boss is going to pay for the flight and hotel and the client is going to get us tickets to Wrigley to watch the Cubs on opening weekend.  

Bobette wants to go to musuems and such.   I am not excited about that part of the trip.   I am excited for some deep dish pizza.   I checked out the “Man vs. Food” website for ideas on restaurants.  

Funny coincidence, that weekend, the Toronto Raptors are also going to be in town.   They are facing the bulls.   We aren’t sure if we will go to that game because it will probably cost quite the penny but maybe a scalper might have tickets cheap 5 minutes before the game.  

Do you know of any other places I should go to?


3 Responses to “Going to Chicago”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    Hey, AWESOME! I’m glad to know you’re going to be in this area!

    I wish I knew the city better, I’d give you the highlights so you can choose. But basically, the Art Museum and Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent Mile, the Sears Tower and the Field Museum and Science and Industry Museum are about it. If you like fish, there’s the Shedd Aquarium and the planetarium all in the same little plaza with the Field Museum (natural history museum, if you’re wondering).

    Have a GREAT time!

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    How cool is this! Opening day? That’s like soon, isn’t it? Next month or something? Wow!

    All the places Darc mentioned would be interesting places for the tourist to see – you can look up on their websites for what they charge to get in so you know how much money to bring.

    Deep dish – Uno’s was good, Geno’s, Lou Malnatti’s, those are some of the places that spring to mind.

    How long will you be here?

  3. Bob Says:

    Only there for a weekend at the beginning of April!

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