Oliver is winning

Oliver has gotten so big that when he jumps on Charlotte’s back, I think she is having trouble throwing him off of her.   He was getting more aggressive last night and kept harassing her.    He is becoming quite a bully.   We have had to start hitting him in the butt and separating them so that she feels safe.   Oliver isn’t even one year old yet.   How much bigger is he going to get?   How big a bully will he become?    We need to give him an attitude adjustment.


3 Responses to “Oliver is winning”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    I think ALL cats need an attitude adjustment, Bob. 😉 But I’m not a cat person. He’s in a stage of development where he’s developing his feline prowess and Charlotte’s practice for prey he’ll find. Flies will be too; butterflies, moths, lady bugs, dust motes… you name it, it’s all prey right now.

    And spring’s coming. Has he been neutered? Charlotte spayed? Just something to consider.

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    What Darc said. Also, keep a water spray bottle on hand, set on “stream” not “spray.” When he gets out of hand, give him a squirt – he’ll learn!

    You can also see if you can distract him and tire him out with the flashlight on the wall thing – cats love that. 😀 So do the people holding the flashlight. 😉

  3. yellowcat Says:

    I find a trip to the shower is a perfect attitude adjustment for a cat. Plus the hour it takes them to clean up keeps them occupied.

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