More Law & Order News

– Law & Order: Criminal Intent has returned with a new captain.   The actor playing the new captain was originally on L&O: Prime in a memorable episode.   He played a sick husband who controlled his wife/family and was very abusive.   It is tough to see the guy on the side of the good guys.   Hell it is tough to watch this version of L&O period. 

– Now for the big news, Stabler is leaving L&O: SVU!!   Merloni did not sign a new contract with the show, after 12 seasons, the show is going to be undergoing quite a change.    I am not sure if the show will be able to survive the possible casting change even if they try to get a big star to replace him.


2 Responses to “More Law & Order News”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    Wow! They sure have overhauled a lot of that franchise lately, haven’t they? I wonder if it will continue to go on or if it’s running out of steam now?

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Wow, those sure are some changes. Isn’t Hargitay leaving too? I thought I read that somewhere.

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