Huge news in the Comic Industry

As huge as anything in the comic industry can be.   DC comics is re-booting their entire line.   Characters like Batman and Superman are going to younger when their new #1 issues debut in September.   Comics like Action Comics which started back in the 1930s will have a new #1 issue.    This is a huge risk for the publisher but they are hoping to get a lot of new readers and they are hoping they are not alienating a lot of old readers.   I think this will be a huge failure on their part.  

On top of this big move, they are also going to be releasing their comics digitally on the same day as the print books starting in september.   This is also a huge move because this move could put all comic shops out of business.   Business wasn’t really booming in the first place, if a lot of people go digital then it could really hurt these stores.   There could be quite the backlash towards the publisher for this move.    I know that I like my print copies and I do not plan on going digital but at the same time, I can see that is where the whole publishing industry is going in.   So who knows what I will be doing a couple of years from now.


3 Responses to “Huge news in the Comic Industry”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    I predict, in a couple of years (less than five), you’ll be reading comics the same way you read anything else — on a digital device. Something like the iPad but cheaper and less jackass-y in its licensing practices. Comics and visual art will be viewed on color displays, but you can look at them on eInk also, just in grayscale.

    It’s the next wave, I think. Bookstores will become specialty shops which are rare and have to charge exorbitant prices — and will have clients all the same. Books won’t go away, but they will become rarities. IMO, at least.

    Superman gave renounced his US citizenship recently, so if those publishers FLOP with what they’re doing, they had it coming. But that’s from an American, who likes his American icons to be AMERICAN. 😉

    Interesting news!

  2. Bob Says:

    I never really considered Superman an American icon. I just saw him as the perfect heroic form. He was a protector of the whole world. This probably doesn’t matter anymore. Starting in september, that story probably never happened.

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Wow! That is huge news in the comics industry!

    I think I agree with you that this might prove to be a big failure. I don’t think people will appreciate that the battles their heroes have won, will now once more have to be fought. It almost has a feel of “it was all just a dream” aspect to it too, doesn’t it? Weird.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this one shakes out.

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