This Week in Softball

On friday, we played a team we were tied in the standings with.   We had some of our missing players back.   Our top hitters sucked.   Our weakest fielder got exposed.    We lost the game.   It got chippy near the end too.  

On sunday, we found ourselves short players because a 1/3 of our team was playing in a tournament that went a lot later than we originally anticipated.   I called numerous teams trying to find emergency players and failed.    We forfeited but played any ways.   Our team batted around the first inning and held the lead for awhile but eventually lost the game in the last inning by 1 run.   Pretty good for only having 7 players.   I kept having to shift from SS to 2B depending if it was a leftie or rightie up to bat.  

Monday we won both games.   We are still tied for 1st place and things are looking up in this league.   We have beaten every team in the league except for the team we are tied for first with.   But we have only played them once and it was a tight game.   We are confident.   It should be an exciting finish. 

We know have a break because of the long weekend.  We don’t play again until a week tomorrow.


2 Responses to “This Week in Softball”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    Sounds like a roller coaster week for your ball games. Hope you do great on the first place league route, though! Seems like it’s been a while since you won a championship, but maybe I’m losing track?

    Either way, good luck!

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Woo! Tied for 1st, that rocks! I’ll be rooting for your team next week! 🙂

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