I was offered a Ford Escape for a very good price.  It was such a good price that if I didn’t purchase it then my brother would.   So the question was, do I replace my van with an Escape which is 2 years younger and has more features?   Bobette hates the van but she also isn’t a big Escape fan either.   We talked about it last night and decided to let my brother purchase the Escape, he needs a new vehicle a lot more than I do.   I hope I don’t regret passing on such a great deal.


3 Responses to “Escape?”

  1. Darcknyt Says:

    I need a sweet deal to come way on a car too. I hope the decision to be magnanimous comes b back on you positively. That was a nice thing to do.

  2. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Well, if he needs it more, you can always take comfort on knowing that he also has the payment to go with it. 😉 Your car will come, one both of you like. 🙂

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