This Week in Softball

Had our double-knockout tournament for our friday league last weekend.   This was it for the Evil Monkeys.   We played in some bad weather.   It rained a bit, it was cold and very windy.   We won our first game on friday night.   On saturday we were short some players and lost to the defending champs.   After that we were left even more short (3 players went to weddings on saturday, 3 different weddings).    We also had players start getting injured but the players had to play through their injuries because of how short we were.   We won one game with this situation but when our backs were against the wall, we played a team we have had trouble beating and we came up one run short.   If we had a healthy roster we are sure we would have beaten them.   Hell if we had one more guy we would have beaten these guys but in the end we did not.   We were knocked out.   The defending champs won again.

On sunday a new season started up.   It is a co-ed league that uses a softer ball.   This league runs all the way until the first weekend in December.   I arrived at our first game 5 minutes before it was suppose to start.   The captain told me I was pitching.   My brother and I laughed and then saw that the captain wasn’t joking.    I started warming up and I went out to the “mound” very nervous that I was going to walk everyone.   I didn’t.   I actually did pretty well overall.   The defence behind me was also very good.   We won both games we played.   We have a week off because of Thanksgiving but our next game is on the 16th.


One Response to “This Week in Softball”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I’m so sorry your Evil Monkeys lost! 😦

    But wow, you got right back in the next day! Sounds like you’re really going to enjoy the co-ed league. 🙂 Yay for the wins!

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