Dis and Dat

– The Blue Jays are going retro with their uniforms/logo and such.   I always liked the old look so I am really happy that they are going back to it.   I was really worried that they were going to have red uniforms.  That was fun for Canada Day but shouldn’t be done beyond that.

– I have been putting off going to the doctors to get prescriptions.  I think I need to call this afternoon and just do it. 

– Going to the ballet tomorrow.   Bobette wanted to go to a ballet… I did not.  But in the end, since I bought the tickets, I got to pick which show we go to.   I decided Romeo and Juliet.   I do like Shakespeare.

– Having a team party tomorrow night.   Going to Kelsey’s.   I am trying to get some team awards put together.   Lots of work tonight!

– I should probably start my Christmas shopping soon.   I am thinking about suggesting some sort of Secret Santa thing with the friends.   Hopefully this time we all agree to it!


3 Responses to “Dis and Dat”

  1. wigsf Says:

    Pretty sure Shakespeare has nothing to do with R&J: the ballet. The music is by Prokofiev. It’s really good music. Don’t know if there’s much dialogue though. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Bob Says:

    I am going to blog about my experience soon. You are correct.

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Cool, the ballet! I’ve never been, well, once to see the Nutcracker Suite several years ago, but that was the only ballet I’ve seen. And I completely forgot about that until just now. So how was it? Did you enjoy it?

    I like the secret Santa idea – always makes gift giving much more pleasant, I think.

    Prescriptions? I hope you’re okay and not sick! You probably would have said something if you were sick, but still, I hope you’re okay. 🙂 And that you had a great time at the team party. 🙂

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