Dis and Dat

– New feature next week!   I decided I am going to start blogging about the houses Bobette and I have been seeing.   We saw one house this week, although it was a townhouse, I liked it.  Bobette wasn’t feeling it.  I think one of the factors was that it reminded her of her parents place.   I thought that would be a good thing, if I found a house like any of my parents places and it was in my price range, I would be over-joyed!

– I can’t remember if I have mentioned the TV show, “Archer” before but it is becoming one of my favourite comedies on TV.   It is animated and very crude but awesome.  

– Went to see a live band last night.  THey were better than I expected but I hated having to go downtown on a “school night”.   Had to leave the bar by midnight.

– Speaking of the bar, I think the place was made for Vampires or it was made to keep Vampires out.   I am not sure which.   There were mirrors all over the place.   There was red felt on all the walls.   It gave me the creeps.   Didn’t help that the woman behind the bar reminds me of a vampire from “True Blood”.  

– I was asked to play a softball tournament tomorrow.   I had to tell the guy “No” something like 3 times.  It was really annoying.   I am hoping to sleep in tomorrow instead of having to get up at 6am so that I can drive an hour to get to a tournament.  


8 Responses to “Dis and Dat”

  1. DarcKnyt Says:

    Ha! Red felt on the walls, huh? This whole vampire thing’s out of control.

    And I can’t stand it when someone won’t take “no” for an answer. Geez! Have fun sleeping in. You deserve it.

  2. wigsf Says:

    – You haven’t got time to get a new, as in just constructed, house, right? Or do you have a plan B in case you find a nice place that’s not ready to move in to yet?

    – Cable animation, all downhill after Futurama.

    – What band?

    – What bar?

    – Only over-competitive assholes play softball in February in CANADA!

  3. Bob Says:

    – We plan on moving in with parents if our place isn’t ready to move into. But no, we don’t think we are going to go with a place that isn’t built yet… not sure if there is houses like that in the areas we are looking. Do you know something i don’t.

    – This one is so much fun.

    – Savanah…. I think.

    – Cherry Cola’s Rock n’ Rolla Cabaret

    – I don’t think the guy organizing it is that… he is an asshole but not over-competitive. I think he just tries to get out of the house any chance he gets. Kid #3 on the way for him.

  4. wigsf3 Says:

    Oh that place. Used to be called something else.

    And there are always building developments going up. Whole neighborhoods and such.

  5. Bob Says:

    not really in the area we are looking in. They are further out east. I don’t want to move that far away from you.

  6. DarcsFalcon Says:

    I think the house hunting feature will be fun! There’s a website I just found this weekend called houzz.com – it’s like Pinterest but for posting ideas for houses, decor and organizing and such. You and Bobbette might have fun putting your ideas together. 🙂

    I can’t imagine playing softball right now! Talk about crazy cold! I’m glad you told the guy no, you’re entitled to your weekend!

  7. yellowcat Says:

    House shopping! You should post pictures.

  8. Bob Says:

    I haven’t taken pictures. Man, I need to start blogging entries tomorrow.

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