My Mom broke her leg

My Mom broke her leg skiing on monday. She had surgery yesterday afternoon. The break is below the knee. She is going to be in a cast and hopping around for the next 3 months. This means that she will not be helping us move and she can’t host Easter dinner. I think Bobette and I are going to try and host Easter dinner at her house for her. It won’t be easy but I think we are up to the challenge.


2 Responses to “My Mom broke her leg”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Oh no! She must feel awful!

    I think you guys are up for the challenge, for sure! And if you have it at her house, she’ll be there to boss you guys around and make sure you’re up to snuff on everything. 😉

    Seriously, you’ll do just fine, and prayers for your mom’s speedy recovery!

  2. wigsf Says:

    I’m sure your mom will be there, hobbling around, making “suggestions.” Isn’t that what you called it? When you first moved into your condo and she would pop in while you were at work and move stuff around. I’ve met your mother. She’s feisty. You think a broken leg can stop her? Slow her down maybe. But that’s it.

    As I think about it, here’s what is going to happen. [You know, after the exorcism on the house.] You move your stuff in. Bobette moves her stuff in and your stuff (whatever you’re allowed to keep gets shoved in a corner in the basement never to be seen again).
    Then your mom goes in and moves some stuff around while your at work.
    The next day, Bobette’s mom comes in and changes everything back.
    Then your mom comes back and does some things.
    Then Bobette’s mom comes back…
    This continues until you get the locks changed and cut public ties with either your parents or Bobette’s.

    Have fun!

    And give your mom my best.

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