Teams I am rooting for in the NBA playoffs

Had a lot of trouble blogging and responding to stuff on wordpress from my work laptop lately. NBA playoffs start on saturday and with the Raptors not involved, I want to pick a team in each conference that I am going to root for. I found the East to be easy, I am rooting for the Pacers. I like the players they have developed and signed. I think they are great underdogs.

The West is A LOT tougher. I like that the LA Clippers are back in the playoffs and I would like to see them do well… but I think I like the Nuggets even more. I like how their coach George Karl is running the team. I think they are my favourite but after they get knocked out in the first round, I might switch sides. There is something I like about over half of the Western playoff teams:

Lakers – Kobe
Mavs – I also feel bad for them because Odom ditched them.
Spurs – I have tons of respect for them.
Thunder – They are such an exciting team!

Who are you rooting for?


5 Responses to “Teams I am rooting for in the NBA playoffs”

  1. wigsf Says:


    He still around?

    • Bob Says:

      hurt, won’t play in the playoffs. They didn’t announce that he would miss the playoffs until AFTER their playoff tickets went on sale (and SOLD OUT).

  2. DarcKnyt Says:

    Don’t follow basketball myself, but I’ll be interested to see how your choices do. Will you be keeping up with them and posting how things go? The finals used to be around my wife’s birtday in June, is that still true?

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    The Bulls won on my birthday one year. I liked MJ, but I can’t say I’m a basketball fan. I do like it when teams put their best into their games though. Sometimes you see a player who’s kind of slimy and that just brings the whole team down, I think.

    I hope the team you’re rooting for wins!

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