WIGSF wants your pity

Lately I have been noticing him making a lot of comments about women not being interested in him, him being ugly and such lately.   After reading these comments I tried talking to him about it but I could not get a straight answer out of him.   I have friends and co-workers of Bobette asking if I have any single friends.   How do I answer that?   Do I tell them that I have this single friend WIGSF but he isn’t interested in dating right now?    What happens when they ask why?   I have no idea what to tell them but if WIGSF suddenly changes his mind at some point then the ship might have sailed on some of these girls.    They aren’t sitting around waiting for WIGSF.    They are out there trying to move on with their lives.    It is a pity too because one of them, I can see that she would have some stuff in common with WIGSF.  

I have decided I am no longer going to be part of WIGSF’s pity party.   If he isn’t going to talk seriously to me about this kind of thing then I am going to ignore all his “woe is me” comments.    He doesn’t want to “solve his problems” so the only reason I can see for him to make the comments is that he wants our pity.    I have already wasted enough time talking him up with Bobette’s friends, trying to come up with ways for us to get WIGSF and these girls to meet and trying to talk to WIGSF about it.  

I am going to try and talk to WIGSF about this one more time this weekend.   I will let you know how it goes.

#38 “101 Things to do before you die”  See these animals in the wild…

– Gorillas: I saved animals that WIGSF likes for the end.

– Orangutan:  Another type of monkey. 

– Monkey: Sense a trend?

– Penguin: I know, not a monkey but WIGSF loves them.

9 Responses to “WIGSF wants your pity”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    I love when Bob posts falsehoods about me. It allows me to yell at him.


  2. Bob Says:

    Thank you for the perfect example.

  3. DarcsFalcon Says:

    *snicker* Penguin tempura. Hahahaha!

    Seriously though Bob, it’s clear how much you care about him. I think a lot of time on his blog, he’s just blowing off steam, so to speak.

    I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t want to date anyone, and I don’t think it’s something he really wants to talk about either. I say go ahead and introduce him to some of Bobette’s friends. If they take, they take, and that’s up to them, not you. He knows how to behave in public I’m pretty sure, so go ahead and work on a double date thing. Better yet, a party with her single friends and your single friends. You never know what might happen. 🙂

    But be gentle on the guy. It’s hard to see all your friends attain something you want. It’s like that for a women who can’t get pregnant and she sees all her friends having babies. I doubt he wants you to “fix” this – or him – he just wants to know that you understand.

    My 2 cents. 🙂

  4. DarcKnyt Says:

    I second Falcon’s advice. Go ahead and set him up. All he does is complain; if he doesn’t follow through with any of the introductions he surrenders his right to complain completely. And you’ve done all you can, the rest is up to him.

    If he can’t handle being nice when you throw him together with someone in a public place, he doesn’t deserve to date anyway.


    • Bob Says:

      But that is the point, if he isn’t going to show interest in the date then he doesn’t deserve it. I am not risking Bobette’s friendships if WIGSF isn’t even going to try.

  5. yellowcat Says:

    I don’t do monkey-type animals.

    On dating: If I smell a set up, I freak out, have an anxiety attack and hate the setter-upper for a very, very long time. If I happen to meet someone I like and friends start pressuring me about dating, I stop talking to those friends and the someone I like. MY pace, not theirs.

    Just my .02.

    • Bob Says:

      I hear you. I understand what you are saying. But WIGSF sends out mixed signals and I can’t tell what pace he wants to go at.

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