New Weight Goals

No one will compete with me.   I am left with no incentive except for my own personal pride.   “Pride” that is something that should mean something to people.   I need it to mean something for me again.    I want to lose my tummy.   I want to reach a certain weight.    A couple of days ago, I created my weight goal.   I want to lose 17 pounds by my birthday.    

Some people think that my birthday this year is a big one.    I think it is just a number.   But I can give the birthday more significance if I can tie my weight goal to it.   I also created other little goals along the way.   Here is how it breaks down:

May 31st: – 4 pounds

June 30th: – 5 more pounds

July 31st: – 3 more pounds

August 20: – 3 more pounds

September 11th: – 2 more pounds

That is the breakdown I have created.   The first couple of months will be the toughest ones.   I need to hit the gym more to get this done.   I don’t have any built in punishments or rewards if I meet or miss these sub-goals.    I am once again open to suggestions.

#38 “101 Things to do before you die” See these animals in the wild…

– Elephant: I need to go to Africa to achieve some of this.   I don’t really want to go to Africa.

– Hippo: Same

– Rhino:  Why couldn’t more of these animals be more local?

– Kangaroo:  Speaking of not local.

– Manatee: This one is just fun to say.


12 Responses to “New Weight Goals”

  1. wigsf Says:

    remember when Boston went to Australia and took photos of kangaroos. That one kangaroo had huge balls.

    Hahaha! Wigsf is gay for kangaroos.

  2. HalfCrazy Says:

    Hi there!

    I think you can do it, you sound so determinated to do so. Just put your mind into it and you’ll lose those pounds. Meanwhile, I gotta gain weight..

  3. darcknyt Says:

    Making weight loss a competition might just be unhealthy; I think you’re on the right track now.

    I think rewards and punishments for things like this are tricky. You want to lose the weight sure, but you also want to keep it off, right? So no food-related rewards can be used. I think you can treat yourself to something you want but is a little more expensive than you’d normally go for yourself. Do you have something you’ve wanted but have held off on for a while? Use that as incentive.

    Good luck! 17 pounds … it’s very achievable. 🙂

  4. yellowcat Says:

    Last night I bought some donuts for my drive home. As I was sitting there all slack-jawed with my eyes rolled up in my head shoving donuts in my mouth, my jaw popped out and now it hurts to eat. In a few days it will pop back into place, but for now my body may have put me on a diet.

  5. Bob Says:

    i need that to happen to my jaw. I had tidbits today (mini donuts… sortof).

  6. DarcsFalcon Says:

    That’s a very achievable goal, and I like how you broke it down into smaller steps. You can reward yourself for each little goal achieved along the way – get the CD you wanted, or DVD, go to the movies – I don’t know, something you usually hold back on for one reason or another. And we’ll be here cheering you on along the way. 🙂

    So, your birthday and WIGSF’s are only like a month apart?

    You can see manatees in Florida. 🙂

    • whatigotsofar Says:

      if is this weight goal doesn’t work, Bob will still see a manatee every time he gets out of the shower and glimpses himself in the mirror.

  7. BB Says:

    I’m so glad I read this! I was going through something similar a couple of years ago (just being generally out of shape and feeling sick for it), so I came up with a system that proved very useful to me, one I plan to adopt again this summer when the weather is warmer and I won’t have to worry about school.

    Here’s a blog post I wrote that talks about it in detail:

    • Bob Says:

      Thanks for the inspirational story! I don’t know if I could eat as healthy as you. But you definitely had some good ideas that I can try to make my own.

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