Dis and Dat

– Went to Mary Brown’s the other day and had the chicken fingetrs.   Now that i have tried them, I understand why the guys always order them. 

– It looks like Puck’n’Wings in Richmond Hill has closed down.   I always thought that there were too many wing places within 2 km of their location.  

– My brother got me watching (at work) this show “White Collar”.   It is a fun show but nothing special.  

– Went to Honey Beestro last week, it was a 1/2 price wing night.   The wings were big, saucy and very tasty.  I suggest trying it sometime.  

– Did you hear about the X-Men?   Wolverine and Cyclops have broken up the X-Men.   Many are staying with Cyclops on his island off of San Franciso but a lot of the younger mutants have followed Logan back to Xavier’s old school.   Rumour is that they are going to re-build and name the school after Jean Grey.   I think that would a nice “F-you” to Cyclops. 

– While painting a bathroom, Bobette broke the lid for the tank of the toilet.   We need to buy a new toilet now.

– Tonight, the Cards are facing the Phillies in the playoffs.   Only one team survives!   Both starting pitchers are ex-Blue Jays.   Doc vs. Carp!


2 Responses to “Dis and Dat”

  1. DarcsFalcon Says:

    Lots of wing stuff! I have decided that I am definitely not a white meat girl. I love thighs and drumsticks. 🙂

    You have to get a whole new toilet? You can’t just get a new tank lid? What a pain! What color did you paint the bathroom?

  2. Bob Says:

    It was painted green. We could get a new lid but a new lid could cost $20-30 dollars and if we get an water conservation toilet, with rebates it would only cost us around $20.

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